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Project Name and Description Project Number Total Project Cost # of FYs to Implement Criticality Rating Most Recent Score Card Rating
Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal)
This project will replace the state's aging and non-integrated financial systems with a single comprehensive financial application supporting the state's fiscal and policy decision processes. The proposed solution is to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning application that will meet the state's budget, accounting, and some procurement needs. The solution will also address various fiscal information needs of the Legislature.
8660-30 $1,620,052,518 2005/2006 thru 2016/2017 (11.8 yrs) High Score Rating Green
Project Approval Documents   Project Status Report Score Card Rating
SPR 1 (pdf)
SPR 2 (pdf)
FSR (pdf)
  December 2009 (pdf) Score Rating Green
  November 2009 (pdf) Score Rating Green
  October 2009 (pdf) Score Rating Green
  September 2009 (pdf) Score Rating Green
  August 2009 (pdf) Score Rating Green
  July 2009 (pdf) Score Rating Green
  June 2009 (pdf) Score Rating Green
  May 2009 Score Rating Yellow
  April 2009 No Report Available

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