Schedule for Submission of Technology
Recovery Plans

State Policy, pursuant to State Administrative Manual (SAM) Section 5325.1 requires each agency to file a copy of its Technology Recovery Plan (TRP) with the California Information Security Office in accordance with the following schedule.

This schedule can be sorted by Organization Code (Org. Code), State Agency, and Submission Date. To do so, mouse click on the corresponding column heading. For example, mouse click on State Agency to sort list by agency name.

Due to the confidential nature of the TRP, please hand deliver all TRP’s to our office at:

California Information Security Office
10860 Gold Center Drive, Suite 200
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670

Upon arrival, please go to the 2nd floor security desk (Suite 200). The security desk staff will contact someone from our office to pick up your materials. 

Note:  If you choose to mail in the TRP, be sure to confirm delivery with your selected courier service prior to sending, contracted Delivery/Courier Services may not deliver to the PO Box or to the physical address. 

Org Code Acronym State Agency Submission Date
7910 OAL Administrative Law, Office of 15-Apr
1105 CAAM African American Museum, California 15-Oct
4180 CCOA Aging, California Commission on 15-Apr
4170 CDA Aging, Department of 15-Jul
7300 ALRB Agricultural Labor Relations Board 15-Jul
3900 ARB Air Resources Board 15-Jan
2120 ABCAPPEALSBD Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board 15-Oct
2100 ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of 15-Oct
8260 CAC Arts Council, California 15-Jan
8855 AUDITOR Auditor, California State  15-Oct
3835 BHC Baldwin Hills Conservancy 15-Jan
1701 DBO Business Oversight, Department of 15-Oct
515 BCSH Business, Consumer Services, and Housing  Agency, Secretary for 15-Oct
5175 DCSS Child Support Services, California Department of 15-Jul
4250 CCFC Children and Families Commission, California 15-Jul
8385 CCCC Citizens' Compensation Commission, California 15-Jan
3850 CVMC Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy 15-Jan
3720 COASTAL Coastal Commission, California 15-Jan
3760 SCC Coastal Conservancy, State 15-Jan
3460 CRB Colorado River Board of California 15-Jan
4700 CSD Community Services and Development, California Department of 15-Jul
8420 SCIF Compensation Insurance Fund, State 15-Oct
3340 CCC Conservation Corps, California 15-Jan
3480 DOC Conservation, Department of 15-Jan
1111 DCA Consumer Affairs, Department of (Bureaus, Programs, Divisions) 15-Oct
1110 DCA Consumer Affairs, Department of (Regulatory Boards) 15-Oct
840 SCO Controller’s Office, State 15-Apr
0000 CCHCS Correctional Health Care Services, California 15-Apr
5225 CDCR Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Department of 15-Apr
3840 DELTA Delta Protection Commission 15-Jan
3885 DELTACOUNCIL Delta Stewardship Council 15-Jan
4100 SCDD Developmental Disabilities, State Council on 15-Apr
4300 DDS Developmental Services, Department of 15-Jul
8790 CCDA Disability Access, California Commission of 15-Jan
6125 EAAP Education Audit Appeals Panel 15-Jul
6110 CDE Education, California Department of 15-Jul
4120 EMSA Emergency Medical Services Authority 15-Jul
690 CalOES Emergency Services, California Office of 15-Apr
7100 EDD Employment Development Department 15-Jul
7100-001 ETP Employment Training Panel 15-Jul
3360 ENERGY Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission 15-Jan
3980 OEHHA Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Office of 15-Jan
555 CalEPA Environmental Protection Agency, Secretary for California 15-Jan
860 BOE Equalization, State Board of 15-Apr
8560 CALEXPO Exposition and State Fair, California 15-Jan
1700 DFEH Fair Employment and Housing, Department of 15-Jan
8620 FPPC Fair Political Practices Commission 15-Apr
8860 DOF Finance, Department of 15-Apr
8880 FISCAL Financial Information Systems for California 15-Apr
3600 CDFW Fish and Wildlife, California Department of 15-Jan
8570 CDFA Food and Agriculture, California Department of 15-Oct
3540 CALFIRE Forestry and Fire Protection, California Department of 15-Jan
7730 FTB Franchise Tax Board 15-Apr
855 CGCC Gambling Control Commission, California 15-Oct
7760 DGS General Services, Department of 15-Jan
511 CalGovOps Government Operations Agency, California 15-Jul
530 CHHS Health and Human Services Agency, Secretary for California 15-Jul
4800 HBEX Health Benefit Exchange, California 15-Jul
4260 DHCS Health Care Services, Department of 15-Jul
2665 HSR High Speed Rail Authority 15-Oct
2720 CHP Highway Patrol, Department of the California 15-Apr
1750 CHRB Horse Racing Board, California 15-Oct
2240 HCD Housing and Community Development, Department of 15-Oct
2245 CalHFA Housing Finance Agency, California 15-Oct
7501 CalHR Human Resources, Department of 15-Jan
5170 SILC Independent Living Council, State 15-Jul
7350 DIR Industrial Relations, Department of 15-Oct
552 OIG Inspector General, Office of the 15-Apr
845 CDI Insurance, Department of 15-Apr
820 DOJ Justice, Department of 15-Apr
559 LWDA Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Secretary for 15-Jul
3560 SLC Lands Commission, State 15-Jan
8830 CLRC Law Revision Commission, California 15-Apr
6120 CSL Library, California State 15-Jan
750 LTG Lieutenant Governor, Office of the 15-Oct
8780 LHC Little Hoover Commission 15-Oct
850 CALOTTERY Lottery Commission, California State 15-Oct
4150 DMHC Managed Health Care, Department of 15-Oct
4280 MRMIB Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board 15-Jul
8940 CALGUARD Military Department, California 15-Apr
2740 DMV Motor Vehicles, Department of 15-Oct
3780 NAHC Native American Heritage Commission 15-Jan
540 RESOURCES Natural Resources Agency, Secretary for 15-Jan
3790 PARKS Parks and Recreation, Department of 15-Jan
8120 POST Peace Officer Standards and Training, Commission on 15-Apr
7503 SPB Personnel Board, State 15-Jan
3930 CDPR Pesticide Regulation, California Department of 15-Oct
2670 BPOC Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun, Board of 15-Oct
650 OPR Planning and Research, Office of 15-Jan
5420 CalPIA Prison Industry Authority, California 15-Apr
8140 OSPD Public Defender, Office of the State 15-Apr
7900 PERS Public Employees' Retirement System 15-Jan
7320 PERB Public Employment Relations Board 15-Apr
4265 CDPH Public Health, California Department of 15-Jul
8660 CPUC Public Utilities Commission, California 15-Jan
5160 DOR Rehabilitation, Department of 15-Jul
3970 CALRECYCLE Resources Recycling and Recovery, California Department of 15-Jan
3875 DELTACONSERVANCY Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy 15-Jan
3845 SDRC San Diego River Conservancy 15-Jan
3820 BCDC San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission 15-Jan
3825 RMC San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy 15-Jan
3830 CJRC San Joaquin River Conservancy 15-Jan
3810 SMMC Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy 15-Jan
3100 CSC Science Center, California 15-Jan
890 SOS Secretary of State 15-Oct
1690 SEISMIC Seismic Safety Commission, Alfred A. Alquist 15-Jan
3855 SIERRANEVADA Sierra Nevada Conservancy 15-Jan
5180 CDSS Social Services, California Department of 15-Jul
5227 BSCC State and Community Corrections, Board of 15-Apr
4440 DSH State Hospitals, Department of 15-Jul
8885 CSM State Mandates, Commission on 15-Oct
4140 OSHPD Statewide Health Planning and Development, Office of 15-Jul
8820 WOMEN Status of Women and Girls, Commission on the 15-Jan
6980 CSAC Student Aid Commission, California 15-Oct
6255 CSSSA Summer School for the Arts, California State 15-Jul
531 OSI System Integration, Office of 15-Jul
3125 TAHOE Tahoe Conservancy, California 15-Jan
3970 TRPA Tahoe Regional Planning Agency 15-Jan
6360 CTC Teacher Credentialing, Commission on 15-Jul
7920 CalSTRS Teachers' Retirement System, California State 15-Jan
7502   Technology, Department of  15-Jan
3960 DTSC Toxic Substances Control, Department of 15-Jan
521 CalSTA Transportation Agency, Secretary for California State 15-Oct
2600 CATC Transportation Commission, California 15-Oct
2660 CALTRANS Transportation, California Department of 15-Oct
950 STO Treasurer’s Office, State 15-Apr
7100-022 CUIAB Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, California 15-Jul
8950 CALVET Veterans Affairs, California Department of 15-Jul
7870 VCGCB Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, California 15-Apr
3940 SWRCB Water Resources Control Board, State 15-Jan
3860 DWR Water Resources, Department of 15-Jan
3640 WCB Wildlife Conservation Board 15-Jan
7120 CWIB Workforce Investment Board, California 15-Jul


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