IT Consolidation Update: E-Hub Security Completed, TSB Approves New Network Rates, Upcoming Consolidation Events and More

News from the Infrastructure Consolidation Program (ICP) established by the Office of the Chief Information Officer to carry out Governor Schwarzenegger’s Executive Order S-03-10 to reduce costs and energy usage while improving the effectiveness, efficiency, agility, security, and reliability of the state’s IT program.  Currently, more than 178 IT professionals across the executive branch are working to implement this historical upgrade to California’s IT infrastructure. 

E-Hub Security Completed
Last week, the ICP reached a major milestone with completion of the State of California’s consolidated e-mail security and encryption service, E-Hub.  Virtually all executive branch departments have implemented this project.  The purpose is to protect the state’s inbound, outbound, and inter-departmental e-mail by implementing a highly efficient security e-mail solution that will also ensure that consistent e-mail security policies and processes are implemented across the state, enabling more effective use of e-mail resources.  Of the two million e-mails state employees receive each day, up to 75 percent of them are spam, and now blocked from state e-mail systems.  This achievement, outlined in Governor Schwarzenegger’s executive order to consolidate IT infrastructure, will significantly decrease processing and network bandwidth, freeing up valuable computing resources utilized by the state.

TSB Approves Rate Package Related to Network Consolidation
On June 30, the Technology Services Board (TSB) approved a new rate package that was proposed by the Office of Technology Services (OTech) to accommodate executive branch agencies that are required to begin migrating to the California Government Network (CGN).  Once fully implemented in 2011, network consolidation will save the state more than $6.7 million annually. The rate package can be viewed here.  The new network will also include state-of-the-art technology to maximize efficiency and security.

Data Center Consolidation
In June, the fourth of OTech mainframes was successfully moved from the Cannery Campus to Vacaville. Coordinated with multiple state agencies and IT departments, the extraordinary move teams made great sacrifices working through nights and weekends to finish this stage.  OTech has freed up 75,000 square feet of raised floor data center space at the Cannery Campus in Sacramento — a huge step toward reaching the State of California’s IT consolidation goals. 

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At a TechLeader TV event in downtown Sacramento on Wednesday, June 17, Christy Quinlan, California’s chief deputy of IT services, discussed the state’s progress and future plans to meet requirements in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Feb. 9 executive order for technology consolidation — an ambitious overhaul of the state’s IT facilities, networks, e-mail solutions, servers and storage. With agencies under the governor’s authority required to reach specific goals by set deadlines, the state is aiming to save $1.5 billion over five years. Read entire article at

Upcoming IT Consolidation Events

  • IT Consolidation Town Hall meetings, starting August 2010. Locations include Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • Server Virtualization Forum on August 4th 2010, details to be announced

Building upon his commitment to increase government efficiency through improvements to California’s information technology systems, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Executive Order S-03-10 in February 2010.  A road map to overhaul California’s technology infrastructure, the executive order standardizes IT governance, increases transparency in spending to achieve greater cost savings and defines targets to reduce energy usage by 30% from IT operations by 2012, among other improvements.  

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