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At CalTech, you will find diverse career paths woven across our business all over the State of California. Begin to find the best fit for your experience, skills and passions.

What to Submit

Successful completion of the State Exam Process is required before applying for the following job openings. Please include the following; otherwise, your application will not be processed.

  1. Submit a Standard State Application Form (STD 678).
  2. On the State application you MUST reference the RPA number and submit one State application per position.
  3. Resume is optional unless specified for the specific vacancy.
Applications will be screened and only the most qualified applicants will be interviewed. Final filing dates may be extended if positions are not filled.

Current Job Openings

RPA Position Description Division Posting
Final Filing Date
13-303 Systems Software Specialist II (Technical) Oracle Support Unit/Software Services/Engineering Division 08/29/14 09/11/14
13-319 Systems Software Specialist II (Technical) Windows Projects/ Windows Services/Engineering 08/29/14 09/11/14
14-038 Data Processing Manager IV Telecommunications and Network Contract Branch / STND 08/26/14 09/12/14
14-019 Systems Software Specialist II (Technical) Mainframe Support / Mainframe Services Branch / Engineering Division 08/25/14 09/06/14
14-011 Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) / Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) Windows Services Unit / Windows Services Branch / Engineering Division 08/01/14 08/30/14 or Until Filled
14-036 Sr. Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) Account Management Branch / CDD 08/21/14 Until Filled
14-021 Associate Systems Software Specialist (Technical) Mainframe OS Services Support / Mainframe Services Branch / Engineering Division 08/26/14 09/06/14