Broadband and Digital Literacy Office


The Broadband and Digital Literacy Office supports Department of Technology goals to promote and foster statewide Broadband and Digital Literacy initiatives. We build relationships between the Department of Technology and key private, non-profit, community-based organizations, as well as public stakeholders interested in promoting broadband expansion, adoption and inclusion.


While our state is a leader in developing broadband infrastructure, thousands of Californians remain off-line. Broadband is vital to our economic future. The Broadband and Digital Literacy Offices collaborates with state agencies, non-profits, community-based organizations and private sector entities to bridge the digital divide.

In the Spotlight

The Digital Access Summit is set for April 24, 2014

Please join TechWire, the LINK AMERICAS Foundation and the California Emerging Technology Fund on April 24 at the California Digital Access Summit, an event focused on digital literacy, broadband access and closing the digital divide in California.

CENIC Awards LinkAmericas and TRAIL 2014 Innovations in Networking for Educational Applications

LINK AMERICAS Foundation and TRAIL Inc. have been honored by the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) as the recipient of the 2014 Innovations in Networking Award for Educational Applications for their JobScout platform.

Santa Cruz may build future of Internet Access

December 6, 2013
Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zach Friend is pushing a comprehensive broadband policy overhaul that he hopes will catalyze both regulatory streamlining and new infrastructure. Sacramento is watching his progress closely for insight on a potential broadband-driven statewide economic development model.

Exploring the Digital Nation: America's Emerging Online Experience(pdf)

June 2013
Prepared by the NTIA and US Department of Commerce Researchers and policymakers recognize that availability and use of high-speed Internet services - a range of connection technologies collectively known as broadband - are essential to economic growth.

GIGABIT COMMUNITIES:Technical Strategies for Facilitating Public or Private Broadband Construction in Your Community

A report issued by consultants from CTC Technology & Energy in partnership with Google.

New Broadband Funding to Bridge the Digital Divide

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed two bills on Oct. 3 that will provide additional funding to broadband projects in rural and low-income areas of the state. Senate Bill (SB) 740 will funnel increased funding to service providers that can provide access in areas that have either slow or no Internet access. Assembly Bill (AB) 1299 allocates money to encourage broadband development in housing projects and other low-income areas.

Will Internet Access Solve Inequality?

In a recent study of cellphone use, the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that just over one-third of Internet of cellphone owners users reported to mostly going online using their mobile devices. This group, which Pew labeled “cell mostly Internet users” consists primarily of young adults, non-whites, the less educated and the less affluent.

DeNovo Launches Broadband Project “Celerate” with $2M Google Grant has provided a $2 million grant to DeNovo to advance wireless technologies that could help bring broadband Internet access to emerging markets. The project, named “Celerate” is deploying new wireless networks in rural communities within 250 miles of Berkeley, California.

Californians’ Up Use of Cell Phones and Tablets to Go Online

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2013—Californians have sharply increased their use of cell phones or tablet computers to go online in the last two years, and they are much more likely to use social networking sites. These are among the key findings of a statewide survey released today by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC). It is the fourth in a series focusing on information technology issues and was conducted with funding from the California Emerging Technology Fund and ZeroDivide.

California Broadband Council – Meeting Information & Distribution List

The Council is charged with reviewing implementation of the 2008 Broadband Task Force Report recommendations and improving coordination among state agencies.  The Council will help applicants to compete more effectively for federal funds made available through the National Broadband Plan, building on the $420 million in broadband infrastructure grants from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the $57 million in California Advanced Services Fund grants already awarded in the state.

To join the California Broadband Council Distribution List, please go to:    

Connect2Compete Digital Literacy Campaign

Currently 62 million Americans who do not have the digital literacy skills they need to succeed and help them understand the relevance the Internet has in their lives. Whether it’s finding a job, helping their children complete homework for school or accessing e-commerce, electronic medical records and connecting with distant family, it is vital that we encourage every American to take advantage of the tools they need to succeed.

California Telehealth Network Expansion

California Telehealth Network (CTN) is California’s leading agency focusing on increasing access to healthcare through the innovative use of technology which includes telehealth, telemedicine and health information exchange. The mission of the California Telehealth Network is to promote advanced information technologies and services to improve access to high quality healthcare focusing on medically underserved and rural Californians.

Local officials meet in Sacramento to discuss broadband adoption

Local elected officials from around California joined the California Emerging Technology Fund, California State Association of Counties and other sponsors to discuss how to increase broadband development and adoption.

Four Years of Broadband Growth – Obama Administration Report

Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Economic Council

June 2013
This report highlights (1) the status of broadband development in the United States in 2013, including both progress made in achieving greater availability to broadband as well as the significant remaining challenges of timely and affordable deployment of broadband to all Americans; (2) several important contributions of the Obama Administration over the last four years that have accelerated the growth of broadband technology; and (3) two key opportunities for further action.