Broadband and Digital Literacy Office


The Broadband and Digital Literacy Office supports Department of Technology goals to promote and foster statewide Broadband and Digital Literacy initiatives. We build relationships between the Department of Technology and key private, non-profit, community-based organizations, as well as public stakeholders interested in promoting broadband expansion, adoption and inclusion.


While our state is a leader in developing broadband infrastructure, thousands of Californians remain off-line. Broadband is vital to our economic future. The Broadband and Digital Literacy Offices collaborates with state agencies, non-profits, community-based organizations and private sector entities to bridge the digital divide.

In the Spotlight

How Bad is the Digital Divide in California?

September, 2016
In California, the state that practically invented the internet, 30% of Californians, or nearly 12 million people, do not have meaningful broadband at home, according to an August survey by The Field Research Corporation. This article by former California Legislator Lloyd Levine explores historical data on the Digital Divide as well as new data from the recent Field Poll in order to understand the problem and provide appropriate policy solutions.

US Secretary of Commerce Announces Reappointment of Teri Takai to the First Responder Network Authority Board

August, 2016
Teri Takai, who previously served as the State of California’s Chief Information Officer, has been reappointed to the national First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) Board. FirstNet is reviewing Requests for Proposals and is expected to decide on a vendor. The Office of the US Secretary of Commerce stated that Ms. Takai’s reappointment will provide steady and continued leadership during a critical point.

California Emerging Technology Fund Issues Summary of the Annual Survey “Internet Connectivity and the ‘Digital Divide’ in California Households: 2016”

August, 2016
The statewide annual survey conducted for the California Emerging Technology Fund tracks the progress of broadband deployment and adoption in California. Major findings include that while 84% of respondents had a high speed internet connection at home, 14% had only a smartphone, and that the most disadvantaged residents remained offline and under-connected.

Mapping Broadband Health in America

August, 2016
On August 2, 2016, the Federal Communications Commission Connect2Health Task Force held a launch event for Mapping Broadband Health in America. This tool allows users to visualize, overlay and analyze broadband and health data at the national, state and county levels.

BroadbandUSA Webinar Series to be Hosted by The National Telecommunications and Information Administration

August, 2016
From August, 2016 to January, 2017, a series of webinars will be hosted as part of the BroadbandUSA program. These webinars are intended to engage the public in order to accelerate broadband access, improve digital inclusion, strengthen policies, and support local priorities.

Field Poll’s “Internet Connectivity and the Digital Divide in California’s Households: 2016”

July, 2016
The Field Poll commissioned an annual survey on broadband adoption with this survey conducted for the California Emerging Technology Fund. The survey found that 13% of respondents had no internet connection at home and that 14% only had internet access via their smartphones.

President Obama Announces ConnectALL Initiative

March, 2016
In order to ensure low-income Americans can seize the opportunities of the digital age, President Obama is unveiling ConnectALL, an initiative to help Americans across the country, and at every income level, get online and have the tools to take full advantage of the internet. The Administration is submitting a recommendation that the Federal Communications Commission reform an old $1.5 billion per year phone subsidy program into a 21st Century national broadband subsidy to help low-income Americans get online.