Photos of ITLA Participants

ITLA 24—Mid-Year Update

The ITLA 24 class has just approached the half-way point of its ten month leadership program journey. The class is comprised of 30 talented and dedicated students from 23 state agencies and departments. The students’ diverse backgrounds make class discussions lively and informative as they share their experiences and insights on all things IT.

The curriculum is designed to front load more classes in the first few months so that students are exposed to one another and their class managers more frequently. This assists in having them get to know one another more quickly and helps form the ITLA Alumni bond early in the program. This seems to contribute to the team mentality playing out as the class works collaboratively on their project for the year.

The students have completed several highly informative courses thus far. The first was Leadership Foundations which taught the RAPID® decision making model and the DISC® communication styles. The Van Write Writing Workshop was a hit with the introduction of the mind mapping practice and sentence aerobics. These skills benefited the students in their next course—Executive Presentation skills. All of the students felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment with their ability to overcome their fear of public speaking despite the fact that this is the most dreaded class in the program. The course on the Budget Process taught a foundational understanding of the BCP process that was a benefit to all. A class titled Business Chemistry was highly interactive and enabled students to understand their communication styles as well as recognizing certain traits in others. The most recent classes were on the Legislative Budget Process, Personal Leadership and Speaker Day, where various leaders discussed their IT career journeys with the class.

The chosen project this year is titled the Access IT California Project. The goals of the project are to make web accessibility easy for all state departments to adopt and to build awareness around the need for accessibility. As the class has 30 participants, they split into four distinct areas of focus:

  1. Communications
  2. Project Planning and Initiation
  3. Integration in IT Methodologies & Existing Projects
  4. Production Systems

The project is sponsored by the Department of Rehabilitation and the Project Manager is Valerie Stanfield. We are very excited to see the end product of this project!

The CIO Academy is scheduled for March 1-2, 2017. Each member of ITLA 24 has signed up to participate in one of the various breakout sessions of the program. This is always a great learning opportunity as well as a social networking opportunity with vendors and other IT professionals across the state. Furthermore, each student has been paired with a Program or IT leader to shadow them and receive a day-in-the-life experience as part of the Walk Like a Leader exercise.

The students have demonstrated tremendous growth thus far and are certainly living up to their mantra “Do More—ITLA 24!” They will justifiably earn their diplomas which will be presented at the ITLA 24 graduation on June 2, 2017.