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Background Summary

The current Information Technology Leadership Academy is the result of many dedicated IT managers refining the program over the course of over three decades. The program began in 1990 at the State Training Center under the name Data Processing Manager’s Academy (DPMA). The original and groundbreaking training program provided coursework in project management, resource control, customer service, client negotiations, and effective communications.

By the ninth iteration of the academy, the course content had expanded to include collaborative skills, change management, and strategic and tactical planning. As a result, in 2001 the more vigorous program was renamed the Information Technology Managers Academy (ITMA) to better reflect the wider variety of IT classifications of the program participants. The program continued to evolve through the 2000’s, with class projects researching and developing IT workforce and succession plans and exploring “green” initiatives. In 2010 the name was again updated to the Information Technology Leadership Academy (ITLA) to more accurately describe the program’s emphasis on developing future CIO’s and state IT leaders. The academy continues to serve as a valuable training ground by providing coursework in advanced leadership skills and opportunities for participants to forge professional friendships that last for their entire career.

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